Park Griffon

Animal and leisure park

Welcome to the site of Park Griffon

Open every day - April 8-23 from 11am to 6pm

Come and discover a park full of animals and leisure activities, in the heart of a farm with various species where we aim to preserve these species. Covering more than 4 hectares, here is the chance to see animals which are not run of the mill.  Walk along the paths and see the animal enclosures which are there for educational purposes and pleasure.

Park Griffon combines the discovery of the animal world with leisure for everyone, adolescents as well as little ones.
Play areas are there for everyone: zip wires and bouncy castles.
News 2019 : water games, unique in the department and accessible to all.
There is also a restaurant/snack bar for those who want to eat and it is open all day.

Finally, if you have space and you are looking for an animal to keep your grass short, Park Griffon can help.

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